Brand Story

About Marö

Marö was established in 2018, in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are among the country’s largest family-owned furniture companies and a leading diversified global furniture manufacturer.
The company corporates with two largest manufacturing facilities and its corporate headquarters in China, Australia: Coomo and Derucci. We are the exclusive representative of these two brand in Vietnam. Our first showroom is located Mipec Long Bien Riverside and 2nd is coming soon in next April. Our furniture is found in homes, offices, hotels and universities worldwide.
Our furniture has received numerous awards for product design excellence, in diverse market segments. Marö remains deeply committed to the values upon which we were founded: high business standards, the artistry of making, the high quality furniture that represent by our brand.


Found in 2004, DeRUCCI is dedicated to provide healthy scientific sleeping environment with complete ergonomic bedding system including beds, slats, mattress, power beds, pillows and bedding textile. An entire system is tailor-made to provide perfect combination of support, comfort, body care, and taste, giving the user a completely new sleeping comfort like never before.

The ownership & management is dedicated to global integration of the latest sleep technology and world-class design. DeRUCCI has gradually cooperated with the world prestigious corporations such as Italy’s Technogel, Salvadori, Belgium’s Rako, Artilat N.V, Germany’s Otten, Muller textile, Switzerland’s DOC etc. Built design center in Italy Milano, cooperated with famous designer from Italy, England and France. Study with University of Louvain, created the most advanced active auto-fit bed DeRUCCI T7. Through international cooperation, applying the world advanced bedding manufacturing materials and technology to every product leaving its vast manufacturing network. DeRUCCI boasts of 5 million square feet of world class production with facilities in China, Australia, Malaysia and North America, offers 9 collections of mixed products-including a youth collection. Having such a wide range of products allows us to meet the varied design demands of a global market.

DeRUCCI currently operates more than 3600 retail showrooms in USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Hongkong, India, Singapore and China mainland. With revenue of $700 million annually, DeRUCCI has become a dominant global player in the high-end bedding & bedroom furniture industry.

De RUCCI Global Sleep Culture

“DeRUCCI Global Sleep Culture Tour” is a public welfare program organized by DeRUCCI once per year since 2009, advocating healthy sleep culture. It’s intended to raise awareness of the quality and importance of sleep, promote healthy and comfortable sleep trends, and enhance people’s understanding of healthy sleep culture. By means of the tour, “DeRUCCI Global Sleep Culture Tour” wishes to raise people’s awareness of sleep health and have a share in prompting healthy and harmonious development of the community.

“DeRUCCI Global Sleep Culture Tour” consists of two parts: China and the world. In China, DeRucci invites currently popular superstars to promote in major cities over China to appeal people to focus on healthy sleep and pay attention to the healthy sleep culture, and a part of consumer representatives will be selected in the process. The world part: DeRUCCI will organize the consumer representatives selected to discover local sleep cultures around the world. They will think about their own lifestyle through the visit to the world’s most famous bedding manufacturers and their feelings in traveling, thus they will attach much more importance to healthy sleep.

With the high-speed development of global economy, people’s pace of life is getting faster and faster, sleep time less and less, sleep quality worse and worse, while sleep is rising to a big problem in the whole community. Good sleep has become a widespread social appeal, which requires enterprises with sense of responsibility to stand out and advocate it. DeRUCCI hopes to let more people focus on healthy sleep through its own efforts, and make more people focus on the one third of their lives.


Coomo Furnishings’ mission goes beyond designing and making furniture. We improve lifestyles, creativity, attitudes and spread a culture of design throughout your home and workplace. Our philosophy strives to embrace versatility, elevating our brands to new horizons in innovation in an everlasting search for perfection. 

Over 2 decades of hard work, Coomo has created a team that includes 30 world-famous designers and 13 large manufacturing bases, along with 2000 flagship stores. Our staff strive to create elegance, comfort and functionality. 

With over 19 brands, we offer a diverse range for all your interior decorating needs. There are also many custom made options to choose from for our furniture as well as kitchen joinery and interior design services available. You can always find your favourite piece from us.

Here at Coomo, we are not only committed to a culture of design, but also to providing you with a stylish and comfortable living environment. You will always find your favourite piece from us. 



We cooperate with many outstanding sleeping brands. Therefore, from the beginning, DeRUCCI products have been filled with brilliant genes.